Meridian-Lauderdale Alumni Chapter: Alcorn State University
Bonita Lake

Meridian Lauderdale Alcorn Alumni Chapter


Greetings Alcornite,

On behalf of the Meridian/Lauderdale Alumni Chapter of Alcorn State University, we would like you to become an active member to support our local chapter and Alcorn State University.

Together, we can set new priorities for the coming years. Let us join hands as partners in working toward a thriving university. We must stand and speak for what is true -- true to us, true to our God, true to our alma mater, and true to our fellow man.

Each of US can make a positive difference for Alcorn; but there are even greater differences that only we as a group can make. Truly, "Alcornites must pull together because together we got more pull."

Please join and become an active alumni member to support Alcorn State University.
(National $50.00 … Local $50.00)  Dues $100.00 per year

Thank you for your interest in Alcorn State University. Like others, we believe you will support the love and affection for ASU and the Meridian Lauderdale Alumni Chapter.

Best Regards,
Wilbert Jones